Leegree CEO interviews with the Sunday Mail

Leegree CEO interviews with the Sunday Mail
In a full page interview given to Sunday Mail’s Alix Norman, CEO and founder Michael Mavromichalis describes Leegree’s vision for BEAT MY TEAM, the pioneering football-based social game that aims to change the way football fans enjoy football with their friends.
BEAT MY TEAM totally reinvents and re-engineers the traditional fantasy football game concept and transforms it with the latest technologies, fresh mechanics, social characteristics and fan input into something truly fresh and amazing!
The game which was recently launched reached more than 11.000 users from around the globe in less than 2 weeks with minimal promotion.
As Alix Norman writes: “With its in-built virality – users automatically bring their friends to the game – and massive market potential, it seems that Leegree are onto a winner.” Michael adds, “This platform we’ve created has huge potential, not just in this game but also in the fields of betting”
Alix concludes, “Being neither a gambler nor a football fan, I’m slightly lost at this point, though even I can see that monetizing the venture won’t be hard. Not only is there a wagering element to BEAT MY TEAM (at the moment users are freely awarded credits with which to wager, boost or power-up their players, at a later date, this will transform to in-app purchasing), but the advertising potential is huge. 
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