BEAT MY TEAM is a disruptive free-to-play fantasy sports game. It’s the meeting point between fantasy sports and social gaming.
BEAT MY TEAM is all about more game and less rules. It adds more game to fantasy sports and offers every fan the chance to be an active part of the sports action.
  • Create a collection of real players by opening a variety of exciting Player Packs.
  • Play in daily contests from all your favorite local & international competitions.
  • Assemble your team for each contest with the players most likely to score.
  • Upgrade your players, get Beat points for each goal scored, and shoot up the weekly leaderboard.
  • Reach the top and promote to the next division. Fail to do so and oops… get demoted.
Keep growing your Player Card inventory, boost your teams & players, score the most beat points and destroy your opponents. Monitor the real matches, adjust your strategy and be a part of the never-ending sports action. Be the best!
With BEAT MY TEAM… you ARE the Game!

BEAT MY TEAM brings together the excitement of Fantasy Sports
with the fun and engagement of social games


Play daily contests with
matches from all your
favourite international &
local competitions


Find and collect your top
scorers by opening exciting
player card packs


Increase a real player’s
performance (!) through Game Upgrades and get more game points for each goal he scores


Increase your team’s
performance through

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