Leegree is a game development company with the aim of creating exciting social games that make sense for the long term. “Leegree” is a made-up word, kind of like “Google”. It sounds similar to the Greek word “LINGRI” that only exists verbally in the Greek Cypriot dialect and describes a fun game kids used to play outdoors with two stones and two wooden sticks.

When deciding to name our company we wanted something unique that that we could own, but also something that sounded familiar. Many of us fondly remember playing “LINGRI” with our best friends, in the open fields of suburbia. It was one of the most rewarding gaming experiences of our lives.

Transferring that kind of experience, pure joy, fun & excitement to the people playing our games is our main goal and purpose!


Boys will be boys!

We are entrepreneurs, developers, designers, sportsmen, football fans, gamers, friends, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons… just like you. We are men in appearance, but boys at heart. Boys will be boys, but they are never complete without girls. So we've started adding those magnificent creatures to our team, and they are just as fierce for the cause and as powerful with the Force.

And, we've had this idea. To create the first game that combines real, live sports events with an enticing social game loop. We've been working on it for some time and the more it takes shape, the more excited we get! So we've decided to share it with you. But first, let's get introduced.

Michalis Mavromichalis
Founder & CEO
Bambos Papacharalambous
Miguel Serrano
Product Manager
Emre Ertugrul
Software Developer
Andreas Loizou
Multimedia Developer
Angelica Seraphim
Quality Assurance (QA)
Irmak Tevfik
Software Developer
George Taliadoros
Software Developer
Silviya Guzen
Software Developer
Chuck Gulhan
Software Developer
Darran Readman
Graphic Designer
Maria Papadopoulou
superHuman Relations


Our company is based on the beautiful island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean sea. We are always very glad to hear from anyone, concerning anything.

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